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Healy’s West is HERE!

Healy’s West: The Life and Times
of John J. Healy
Gordon E. Tolton

Through his incredibly varied career, the 19th-century entrepreneur John J. Healy left an indelible mark on the Canadian and American west. At different points in his storied life, Healy was a soldier, a trapper, a prospector, an explorer, a horse dealer, a scout, a lawman, a newspaper editor, a capitalist, a historian, and a politician. He defied classification while defining the lifestyle of a frontier adventurer and buccaneer capitalist in the late nineteenth century.
In Healy’s West, Gordon Tolton cuts through the mythology and controversy of this larger-than-life character, giving us the most complete and truly balanced account of Healy’s life ever published.
An entertaining and critical portrayal of the west’s most charismatic figure, Healy’s West is a must-read for any history buff.

Gordon E. Tolton is a historian, re-enactor, author, and raconteur. A frequent site host at the Fort WhoopUp National Historic Site in Lethbridge, Gord is the author of four previous books of Prairie history, including Cowboy Cavalry: The Story of the Rocky Mountain Rangers and Prairie Warships: River Navigation in the Northwest Rebellion. He lives in Coaldale, Alberta, with his wife, Rose.

“Tolton’s meticulous research reveals unexplored perspectives and little-known details.”
—Canada’s History

Biography / Autobiography July 2014
5.5 x 8.5 288 pages b&w photos insert, map
978-1-927527-65-8 paperback $22.95
978-1-927527-66-5 ebook $11.99
978-1-927527-67-2 epdf $11.99

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